Monday’s tale


It’s Monday today, early in the morning. Still half asleep, I’m waiting for the bus to go to work.

I yawn and grumble because, like most mortals, I’d rather still be lounging under the covers.

To take my mind off things, I try to imagine other realities, other scenarios, where Monday is no longer Monday but an eternal Sunday—or, better yet, a Saturday, since Sundays can be depressing. What bliss! But then I open my eyes, and it’s back to reality, where I’m waiting for the bus, which, as usual, is running late.

But wait! There’s a new face here. A woman is walking her dog.

The animal is the only one around who seems to be happy, playing and chasing its own tail. Chasing it, chasing himself, he has managed to catch my attention.

Watching him, I can’t stop smiling, and it occurs to me that happiness is that fleeting instant hidden behind the simplest things and that it is moreover much easier to find than we might think. The dog has found it in his tail, and I, in watching him… At last, the bus is here.

It’s Monday today, early in the morning. With more smiles than yawns now, I get on the bus to go to work.

Extract to “Forgotten Colors”
Written by Silvia G. Guirado
Illustrated by David G. Forés

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